School Facilities:

At Saint Charles' Schools, Nigercem, we have all the necessary facilities that make learning easy and fast. Our Secondary level, being a total boarding school, we provide all the necessary facilities to make the school a home outside home. There are both academic and boarding facilities.

Below are list of some of them with their pictures:

Science Laboratory

The College also has modern science laboratories to help the science students to enhance their studies in chemistry, physics and biology. We do not stop our lectures in the classrooms because the students need to practice what they read from text to make the training part of them.

Computer Center

In the nearest future, any person that is computer illiterate will be taken like a person who does not know how to read and write. Sequel to that, we have an ICT center with personal computer for our students to use to learn computers applications. It is expected that every student upon graduation will be computer illiterate and also ready for advanced studies or training.


A school without library is like a body without soul. We have a modern school library with current edition of books. Our library comprises of both reading section and the book section. Students visit the library for researches on their assignments.

Water Treatment Reservoir

As we all know, that the fastest way for a child to contact diseases is through drinking water. The college now enjoy water treatment reservoir. With the presence of the reservoirs round the school, we have said "auf wiedersehen" to water scarcity.


We have modern sporting facilities that students can use to relax and exercise themselves during games period. All work, no play makes Jack a dull lad. It is now compulsory that every student must know how to do at least one game either from athletics to team games. This is to maintain their physical fitness and to burn excess fat.