About Our School :

What we have today as Saint Charles’ schools are of three categories, namely, the nursery, the primary and the secondary school. They all had a humble beginning under the auspices of Rev. Fr. Peter Ogbonnaya, who happens to be the proprietor till date.

These are the respective date for the establishment of the schools:

The Nursery school: 15th September, 1997.

The Primary School: September, 2000.

The Secondary School: September, 2004.

Meanwhile, the nursery section started with six pupils and two caretakers, namely Mrs C. Ugwueke and Mr. P.S.A Obodoechi. The pupils were:

1. Ozioma Ugwueke.

2. Nnenna Nnadi.

3. Chiesonu Ugwuanyi.

4. Celestina Okafor.

5. Oforbuike Nwaozaku.

6. ThankGod Idamoko.

Reasons for the Establishment of the Saint Charles' School, Nigercem:

  1. To enable the church offer her own positive contributions to the society and as well fasten its growth.
  2. To offer alternative formation to parents and guardians who have the training of children at heart.
  3. To enable the church have extensive avenue where she would continue to bring good news of Christ to mankind and to lead them to salvation.
  4. To fulfil the mandate of the council fathers and magisterium of the  right to establish  and conduct schools of all grade and kinds.

5. Finally to build both the whole of man and his society.