Ineffective public schools. Very expensive private schools. Now, there's a third choice. And it's a good choice: Saint Charles schools Nigercem. Managed by St. Charles parish Nigercem of the Catholic diocese of Abakaliki, these mission schools serve school children ranging in age from nursery to primary and secondary level, including children from different states in Nigeria. When a child comes to St. Charles schools, he or she enters a safe, clean, positive and caring environment built on respect. Students deep in thought.

St. Charles Schools are committed to helping parents and children overcome obstacles so students can reach their full academic potential. The strategy: provide a high-quality school of choice with curriculum programs and instructional methods specifically designed for the student population.

Think of school where a child is train to be both academic and discipline giant among his peers, think St. Charles Schools, Nigercem. It is located in Nigercem community of Nkalagu in Ebonyi State in Nigeria. You are welcome to our school website, take your time and explore the site. There is more resources to gain here. We look forward in meeting you in our school.